Bellaire Court

Concrete, natural timber and steel are in their rawest forms for this meticulously built Beaumaris single level home. Exposed material junctions demand the highest level of detail from our tradesman.

House to Catch the Sun

A crisp, minimalist extension to a Brunswick Cottage. Exposed structural ceilings, concrete block walls, polished black slab; this bold structure focuses on the soft garden and naturally lit courtyard.

Perimeter House

Built in the heart of Abbotsford sits this secluded family home. On a summers day, the living areas open up through huge sliding glass doors, making the pool and external fireplace feel a part of the house.

Myrtle Tree House

Designed around the wiry branches of a Crepe Myrtle tree, this Californian bungalow in Balaclava has been carefully transformed with a sustainable touch, bluring the line between inside and out.

Chamfer House

Originally built back in the late 70's for Graham Kennedy. The Farmer House took time and patience to craft new works neatly into inconsistent existing works. The result was a great blend.

Higher Ground

A dining destination on the western edge of Melbourne’s CBD, this former power station has a suite of 6 intimate tiered platforms around the perimeter of the original brick building.

Merricks Guest House

Nestled within the native landscaping and sprawling paddocks of the Mornington Peninsula, the secluded Merricks Guest House is the perfect long weekend escape.