The Right Fit

We understand the path a project takes to get to us. We are often the last step in a very demanding process and stake our reputation on respecting the architect-client relationship to execute your combined vision defect free. For that to happen efficiently, we have a comprehensive approach to building that ensures our goals are shared with yours.


Understand the Architect

Our purpose has always been guided by professionals who approach both design and construction as rigorously as we do. The first step in a new project is to get on the same page, understand the granular details and talk the same language.

That discussion could be aided by the latest 3D modeling techniques or just an engaging conversation in our High St studio, the goal is still the same; to value the architects work and instill confidence that we embrace the stated, and often unstated, attention to detail and level of finish an award winning project requires.


Efficient Construction Environment

Our belief in making great architecture guides our construction team. Core to that belief is that a Basis Builders construction site be a clean, safe, efficient and stress free environment. This ensures we attract and retain the highest quality tradespeople with the perfect fit of skillset and workmanship for the project.

Through this commitment to professionals, we are able to provide material and equipment recommendations based on experience and best practices. We consistently look for gaps in information and provide input to reconcile construction related issues while honoring the architects intent.



Contract Administration

Equally important to the construction effort as quality craftsmanship is the support and communication our administration team brings to the process.

Fluent administration processes are often overlooked when choosing a construction partner. We wholeheartedly believe the handling of the contract and project information in a coordinated, and structured manor adds real value to the architect and client, and is vital to ensure a smooth project.

Higher Ground Finished.jpg

Project Handover

Basis Builders commitment to top-tier architects and quality construction practice has yielded an award winning portfolio of completed residences and commercial buildings.

Our reputation among the industry is such that we have complete confidence in standing by our work, above and beyond our legal obligation, to deliver a project defect free with unparalleled finish and ongoing support.